Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The 2019 Tour Schedule of The Wall That Heals has been posted.  Click on the link to view the schedule.  The Wall That Heals 2019 Tour Schedule.

Here is a video that provides some information about The Wall That Heals.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Are Your Receiving the Chapter Emails?

Hello everyone! This is Rev. Richard "Doc" Strait, your FMCA-MVC Alternate National Director and Interim Communications Director. The FMCA-MVC has sent out many emails since last year. Recently we have had many people complain about not receiving emails. This is due to a few reasons. Here are the top five and in no particular order. One, you changed email addresses and did not notify the chapter of your new email address. Two, your email address may have been entered incorrectly into the chapter roster and thus the emails to you from the chapter are bouncing back. Three, the emails are going to your spam folder. Four, you Unsubscribed from our email list or have blocked us. Fifth, the chapter does not have an email address for you. There are other reasons yet those are the top five. If you are NOT receiving emails from the Military & Veterans Chapter and you should be, please send an email to MilitaryVeterans.FMCA@Gmail.com. Provide your first and last name and your FMCA number. I can then look you up on the roster and in the email program and verify your email address. Best regards, Rev. Richard "Doc" Strait, USN Retired FMCA-MVC Alternate National Director & Interim Communications Director.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Chapter Meeting Minutes from Gillette WY Convetion.

Military Veterans Chapter Meeting Minutes from 20 July 2018 Gillette, WY - FMCA Convention

Call to Order by President, Dell Jackson at 4:33 P.M.

Pledge of Allegiance Invocation
Introduction of National Officers, Jon Walker, President, Rett Porter, Sr Vice President and Charlie Adcock, Immediate Past President, Charlie spoke to membership

Introduction of INTO Officers None

Reading of Minutes of previous meeting 15 March 2018, Motion Carried Introduction of New Members
Treasurers Report

*Removed $1,000 from PayPal to Regular Account, Motion Carried Introduction of MVC Acting Secretary Marie Dickinson
Presidents Report

*There there has been an increase of 100 members and 65 were picked up at Perry, GA

*Website is reported up and working after two years of waiting. There are 37 Chapters enrolled

*There will be a Flag presentation on Saturday during the coffee and donut hour Vice Presidents Report including Governing Board Results
*Reported the Governing Board had had a great meeting

*Jon Walker reported the FMCA Membership is finally turning around present membership is up to 76000 and counting.

*The NEW changes to  By-Laws were accepted to read as follows: 11the term Recreational Vehicle is defined as a self-contained wheeled vehicle that includes  permanently  install cooking, sleeping and sanitary facilities". Therefore, motor coach, motor home, and coach  will all be known as recreational vehicle.

*Added to By-Laws All Towable Vehicles can now join FMCA

*Be advised new information will be onthe Website for the Winter/Spring FMCA Convention in Perry, GA

*Past Budget of $5 million and No dipping into the Reserve Account


Sr. MSgt, USAF, Scott Wold, A100% Disabled Veteran received a job with Tiffin Coaches and a member of FMCA was introduced to the member hip

Old Business:

A Revision of By-laws to accept Recreation Vehicles, as follows, to finalize those submitted as approved at the Perry, GA meet ing .

Definition to read "the term recreational Vehicle is defined as a self-contained wheeled vehicle that includes permanently installed cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities"

The Articles to be changed are as posted and emailed to all members. Article II Para I "coach" becomes "Recreational Vehicle"
Article Ill Para 3 "motor coach" becomes "Recreational Vehicle" Article Ill Para 5 "motor home" becomes "Recreational Vehicle"
Article Ill Para 6 "qualifying motor coach" becomes "Recreational Vehicle" Article IV Para 3A "motor coach (motor home)" becomes "Recreational Vehicle" Article VI Para 3A "coach" becomes "Recreational Vehicle"
Discussion and Motion made and Carried.

Parking at International Conventions-Area Groups want to be parked together instead of parked all over the convention areas; this would make for better group business and get-togethers.

MVC would like to provide a meal for MVC Members ONLY with Happy Hour-NO ONE REPLIED

Members are asking for a List of Veteran Friendly Campgrounds in the USA. Now only have for Disabled or 100% Veterans.

New Business:

Lap Robe Distribution, Marion Braum and Marie Dickinson to Co-Host

*Please contact these women if you are making lap robes and would like to send therri out to needed Veterans as a friendly jester in Hospitals and Nursing Home or at home. Just send Veterans name- and address through Vet to Vet. Five lap robes were given to VFW POST in

Gillette, WY for some of their needy members in Nursing Homes. Presentation was made at the Dinner at the VFW and Presented by Co Host, Marie Dickinson

*Shepherds for Lost Sheep, Donation, dogs for needy Veterans. Motion made and carried for MVC to match donations from convention. Check was sent out immediately.

By-Law change presented by Past President John Lee. John spoke to change our By-Laws to allow electronic voting as presented and approved at Governing Board M eet ing. Motion made and passed. To finalize at Perry, GA meeting in March 2019.

Future Rallies:

*Future Rallies will go out on the Website.

*FMCA Spring Rally in Perry, GA. Wagon Masters are: George Young. And?

*Flag Presentation will beSat morning during coffee hour members needed to carry flags

Past Rally Report:

Northwest Rally activities had to be cancelled as no member participation

Great Lakes Area Rally pre rally had to be cancelled due to no member participation

Good of the Chapter:

Members have suggested 2 new membership eligible ca_t egories,          surviving spouse of a retired Veteran and a Department of Defense retiree as they are imbedded with active servicemen and face the same dangers. These will besubmitted and voted on at the Perry, GA meeting in March 2019

Adjournment  Motion made, carried Submitted by Acting Secretary, Marie Dickinson

Friday, October 26, 2018

Vet to Vet Lap Robe

The Gillette Elks Lodge #2825 presented Dean Marrington with the first 

‘Veterans To Veterans’ lap robe in Gillette, Wyoming.  The lap robe is complements of the Military Veterans Chapter of the FMCA; they left us with 4 lap robes to distribute. This one was made by a friend of the president of the Chapter, Ruth Veteran. 

Dean was born in 1926 and joined the Navy in 1944.  He served in the Pacific Theater during World War II.  Dean has been a member of the American Legion for seventy years.  Being a member of the Honor Guard, Dean attends and holds the American Flag at the funerals of veterans to honor their service to our country.  During one eight year period, he attended 232 funerals.

Dean started Gillette Plumbing & Heating.  Dean married Avis and they had 

six children.  Dean has 6 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. We hope that this lap robe warms his valorous heart as well as his body!

Members, If you were at the FMCA Rally in Gillette and attended the MVC meeting, you will remember that Marion Braum requested a member step up to distribute the lap robes she & Ruth had made and any others that may be made in the future. Jerry & Marie Dickerson volunteered to take in future lap robes to distribute them. Please contact them if you know of a vet who is in need and/or send them any lap robes you have made for the Vet to Vet Project!

The 2019 Tour Schedule of The Wall That Heals has been posted.  Click on the link to view the schedule.  The Wall That Heals 2019 Tour Sched...