Tuesday, May 30, 2017

If you are in the Cordes Lake Arizona area on July 1, 2017 then please consider attending the ceremony mentioned below.  Everyone is invited!!

Friday, May 26, 2017


The MVC meeting is scheduled at the FMCA Convention in Indianapolis for Wednesday, July 12 at 5pm located in Seminar 3. The MVC should be the first chapter to receive news/results from the Governing Board Meeting which is earlier in the day.

The “Social” luncheon” for MVC members is scheduled for Friday, July 14th in Seminar 11 with the Elks Chapter members at approximately 11am which is after their meeting. Of interest, also on Friday at 1pm is the FMCA “Ice Cream Social.”

In the E-news of Tuesday, 5/23 there was a request: Please REPLY to this email if you plan to attend the MVC Meeting and participate in the “Social” after the Elks Chapter Meeting. The MVC has almost 300 members…as of this writing 20 have replied, with 12 stating they will attend. A “head count” is needed for the caterer.

Consider ordering the great looking MVC shirt (must pre-order by June 1st) or getting one of the attractive MVC hats (available at Indy). Contact MVC VP Dell Jackson by phone or email.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

From the desk of the Chapter President

MVC Members,

The time has come! I know many are planning to attend the FMCA Convention in Indianapolis, July 12-15. Please send an email to me if you plan to attend the MVC Meeting and participate in the “Social” after the Elks Chapter Meeting. A “head count” is needed. The “tentative” PLAN is for the MVC Meeting to be on the evening of the FMCA Governing Board Meeting, whereas the MVC National Director will be able to give us a report on the important issues voted on and National Officer election. The time and place of the MVC Meeting should be available in the near future.

The FMCA National Election as the Chapter election is conducted by the slate of candidates, plus nominations from the floor. At present, you have seen the candidates for FMCA office with their qualifications listed in the May issue of the FMC magazine. MVC member Rett Porter (F369084) is candidate for FMCA Senior VP as MVC member Jack Mayberry (F369343). For more information on both, I suggest you contact them directly: Rett, email: rett.porter@gmail.com, phone: 303-910-3900; and Jack, email: emayberry@comcast.net, phone: 520-250-7155. You have been informed of the issues on which the FMCA National Directors will be voting. If you have questions and or an opinion, please contact the MVC ND Bob Cerney, email: bobnfreda@jcsolutions.net; or phone: 530.518.0541. The MVC ND vote is per the membership’s desire.

The MVC will have officer elections at the Chapter Meeting. I have advocated members to active in the Chapter, that is, be candidates for office in the Chapter, volunteer to help out with events, i.e., Chapter Fairs, Color Guard presentations, rallies, etc. After being MVC President for two terms, 4 years, I will not be a candidate for MVC President. The MVC VP, Dell Jackson will be a Candidate for President. Candidates for the positions of Vice President and Secretary are needed. These positions will be filled. If you consider being a candidate for any Chapter Office, contact a member of the Nominating Committee: Chairman, Dell Jackson, F201821: dell1942j@gmail.com; members: Roy Holt, F356669 : roy4jackie@aol.com; and Gary Milner, F409834: arky55@yahoo.com. Or if would like additional information on any of these positions, you may contact me.

The MVC has some “neat” items for members at cost: A very attractive cap with the MVC logo embroidered for a $12 donation, available at Indianapolis. A top quality polo shirt, black 100% polyester with the MVC logo embroidered may be pre-ordered (must order by June 1st) from MVC VP Dell Jackson, email: dell1942j@gmail.com; phone: 209-471-3905. Pre-ordered prices are $35 for large size; $37 for XL; $39 for XXL (prices include sales tax). The shirts will be available for pick up at Indianapolis. If you need them shipped, add $6 for S & H (package and postage in the USA). Members of the MVC should wear them at rallies to show their pride of being a veteran and member of the Chapter, especially when participating in branch of service / color guard ceremonies.

At the moment, there are a few slots left for the MVC/Elk/ Full Timers/ 3T’s Post Rally. We would love to have you, but please check with me for availability as registration will be shut off when the slots are filled.

Safe travels. See you at Indy,
John Lee F202724
President MVC FMCA
Email: skp45322@gmail.com;
Phone: 256-366-6630

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MVC/Elks Post Rally Filling Up FAST!

The post rally with the MVC and the Elks chapter is filling up fast with MVC, Elks, Full Timers, and 3 T's.  Many of you belong to two or more of the above chapters. That is why the post rally involves all three.  The cost of the rally is only $100 per coach with two person
Please select the MVC/Elk/Full Timer Post Rally Registration Page/Tab to access the registration form.

You must contact Michelle at Grandpa's RV Park (765-962-7907) to reserve your site.  Once we fill up her park, we may have to shut off registration.

MVC Ball Cap and Polo Shirts Pre-Orders.

Hello FMCA-MVC Chapter members!
The FMCA-MVC has some an attractive ball cap and polo shirt that have our MVC logo on them.  The ball cap is for a modest donation of $12.  The polo shirt is black and the logo is embroidered on it.  Constructed of 100% polyester.  Pre-ordered prices for the shirt are $35 for large; $37 for XL; $39 for XXL.  Yes, prices do include sales tax.  The shirts will be available for pick-up at the Crossroads to Fun convention in Indianapolis this summer (July 12-15).  Which I do remind you that registration is currently open for.  If you need them shipped to you please add $6 for S&H (USA).  I have included pictures of each below the paragraphs.

Members of the MVC should wear them at rallies to show their pride in being a veteran and member of the FMCA-MVC chapter, especially when participating in branch of service/color guard ceremonies.

For more information please contact our chapter Vice President Dell Jackson.  His email is dell1942j@gmail.com.  Phone is 209-471-3905. 

Minot Pre-Rally

The deadline to register for the Minot Pre-Rally has passed.  Remember, the campground changed the deadline from July 10 to June 10th.  A ma...