Friday, March 23, 2018

Order MVC Hats and Shirts and renew your membership online!

We have a new page where you can order official MVC hats and shirts and also renew your membership online!

Click on the third tab labeled MVC Shop to order your gear online and pay securely via PayPal. You can choose to pick up your gear at the next rally (and save on shipping costs) or pay shipping and get it right away. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Email Communication

A note from our communications department... for the past few months we have been using a new email service and it has some enhanced features that help us provide better service to our members. Some of the trends that we have noticed show that less than half of our members actually open their email to read them.

This is troubling since email is the fastest way to get word out to our members. Websites are passive and require members to log in or find the site to look at the information posted but email is direct and timely (as far as the internet goes, anyway.) Email is a vital part of our communications strategy and helps us to achieve our mission of "Veterans Helping Veterans."

Please take the time to validate your email address. If you have not received any emails from MVC in the past few weeks, chances are good we have the wrong email address for you.

Do NOT post your email address here as a comment on the blog! We will be posting a place to update your email on our website shortly.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Perry Agenda and Presdent's Report

Here is the agenda for the rally in Perry.

We also have the President's report as it will be presented in Perry at the FMCA International Rally.

Please think about topics of discussion and any topics that you may want to include.

Don't forget to register for upcoming rallies! We have flyers on the web page at that you can download and fill out to register.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Results of Member Data Sharing Survey

Member Data Sharing - Survey Results
Our previous survey asking about sharing member data had 70 responses, they break down as follows:
30 - Email
27 - Secured Web Site
11 - Don't send out personal info
2 - other (only share if members opt in.)

​Statistically, this means that the majority who responded want some form of security on any shared member data or do not want their data shared at all. Some responses indicated that sharing the data would be a "deal breaker" for them and they would terminate their membership if their data were ever shared. Only 17 percent of our chapter members responded. Additional comments or ideas can be discussed at the chapter meeting in Perry March 15-18.

Mission Statement and Membership Benefit Survey

MVC has posted a new survey to gather thoughts on our Mission Statement and on Membership Benefits. The survey is located on our website (at and is open to all until March 31, 2018. Please take some time to read the survey and put your thoughts forward. We want to make the website as inviting and informative as possible for potential new members. Think about things that differentiate our chapter from other veterans and RV interest groups.

Also if you happen to think of anything else that may be a welcome addition to the website, please use the Contact page (at to write down your thoughts and ideas. The Contact page is available anytime for your feedback.

As always, we appreciate your time and efforts!

Minot Pre-Rally

The deadline to register for the Minot Pre-Rally has passed.  Remember, the campground changed the deadline from July 10 to June 10th.  A ma...