Thursday, March 30, 2017

MVC-FMCA Presenting the Colors With the Frustrated Maestros

Military Veterans presenting Branch of Service Colors at FMCA-Chandler, AZ Rally with the Frustrated Maestros 03/10/2017.
Military Veterans Chapter Meeting
Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chandler, AZ
1500 Hours

Call to order:    Called to order by Dell Jackson, 1500 hours.  Members stood for Pledge of Allegence

Number of members present:   51 members (14 non-members) and their guest

Invocation by:  Gary Milner

National Officer present recognized:  David Kessler, Intro Area Vice President; Sonny Gillespie (former Intro Area Vice President).  Rett Porter, running for National Senior Vice President. 

Officer Report:

President:  John Lee was not in attendance. 

Secretary:  Glenda Milner kept the minutes for the meeting.  Minutes can be found on the MVC blog at:
VP:  Not in attendance.  Announcement of resignation of Gary Wilson due to personal concerns.

National Director:  Not in attendance -   Bob Cerney

Alternative Director:  Not in attendance -  Rich Strait

Tri-Chapter Rally.  A combined Tri-chapter rally was held that was a combination of Full timers, Elks and Military Veterans Chapter.  The combined group had a pre-rally before this year’s FMCA International rally in Chandler.  This combined group will try to meet before each summer and spring International rallies.  This year the Elks were in charge; pre-rally was held at Camp Verde.  24 rigs were in attendance at Camp Verde.  There was a discussion of a pre-rally for the International rally held in Indianapolis in July but the 4th of July was a concern.  An email was sent to members and it was determined that a post-rally best fit our member’s interest.      

New Business:
1.      Candidates for Office:  Because of the resignation of Chapter’s current Vice President, nominations will be accepted for a new Vice President.  Nomination committee members present were Dell Jackson, Gary Milner and Roy Holt.  Submission of recommendation for VP:  Dell Jackson was nominated for Vice President.  Floor nominations were asked of the members three times.  Ed Molinsky recommended to close the nominations and were seconded by Gary Milner.  Membership voted unanimously for Dell Jackson to serve as the new Vice President.
2.     Need Audit Committee.  An audit committee is needed to be organized to complete an audit while in attendance at the FMCA rally in Indianapolis, IN.  Volunteers Gary Milner, Jerry Young and Jim Sennett were nominated. 
3.     Officers. John Lee will have been the MVC President for 4 years at the July meeting.  He has been President for 3.5 years; agreed to serve two more years.  Dell Jackson has agreed to step up the following year to be President.  The position of MVC Secretary will be open and nominations will be considered in Indianapolis.  The MVC Secretary will be responsible for maintain the membership roster, record the minutes of meetings and other duties assigned by the MCV President.  The candidate for National Director is George Young and Richard Strait is running for the Alternate National Director position.  Richard has also agreed to add responsibilities for the new Director of Blog/Communications.  Skip Kazmarek, Treasurer has also agreed to serve another two year term. 
4.     Treasurer Report.  Covers the period of March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017. 
Beginning Balance                  
          Checking              $1,165.30
          Savings                $7,986.06             $ 9,151.36
Income                                                        $ 1,845.00
Expenses                                                     $(1,510.00)
Ending Balance                                          
          Checking              $1,500.30
          Savings                $7,994.03
Total Ending Balance                                  $ 9,494.33
(Treasurer report will be filed with minutes).
5.      Appreciate the new membership.  Our young officers are our Chapter’s future and this Chapter appreciates their participation.
6.     Dell was wearing a hat that represented a sample members can purchase.  The hat cost for members will be $12.00 plus $5.00 shipping for a total of $17.00 per hat.  Orders for the hat can be collected at the Military Veterans Chapter Booth at the Chandler rally.  If the member is attending the rally in Indianapolis in July, then prepaid hats can be picked up there to save the shipping cost.  The Military Veterans chapter will have 4 dozen hats for members in upcoming area rallies.    
7.     The Military Veterans Chapter has been asked to post colors at all FMCA International rallies wearing a black tee-shirt with the Chapter logo (picture of example provided for members).  Mr. Jackson asked members if there is an interest in others purchasing that same tee-shirt.  Membership suggested that a Polo shirt should also be available for ordering.  Discussion about the difference in prices was brought to the floor.  Price estimates could be $12 for a tee-shirt and approximately $25 for a Polo shirt (Note:  John Lee sent an email that indicated the Polo shirts will be around $35).  The goal is to have one price for either shirt regardless of ordered size.  The FMCA rally held in Indianapolis will be where orders can be taken.  Once the orders are taken, then the shirt manufacturer will ship to member’s home address.  Discussion raised the option of a different colors for those that are not on flag detail at rallies.  Motion was made to seek information about the shirt options and then let membership know the options available.  Members voted that they would prefer a quality Polo Shirt versus a tee-shirt option. Women’s choices may be limited, therefore may need to order men’s shirts.  Shirts with or without pockets was also discussed.
8.     Future rallies: 
a.       July 16-19 post rally in Indianapolis.  An email was sent out regarding those dates.  Two Elks lodges are being considered for the dinner and activities for those in attendance.  Email will be sent when final plans are determined.  Rally sign-up form will be also sent. 
b.     Gatinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has been discussed for a future meeting.  A lot of military history is available in this area.  Membership suggested that all Chapter meetings should be in conjunction with an Area or National Rally.   
9.     Member Suggestion:  In Congress in 2007, all military veterans are allow to  stand and salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.
10.   Member Suggestion:  A suggestion was made that meetings should first recognize God first and then recognition of country second. 
11.   Vice President stated that he needed four volunteer members to serve on a flag detail for the rally on Friday morning.  Need one member, for each  branch, to carry their respective service flags. 
12.   Social:  A social gathering has been organized for 1700 Hours. The gathering will be open to all Elks and Military Veteran members. 

Adjourn Meeting.  Ed Molinski made the motion, seconded by David Fernandez to adjourn.  Adjourned at 1550.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

                                           BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES
                                   MILITARY VETERANS CHAPTER FMCA
                                     S.E.A. RALLY, LAKELAND, FLORIDA
          FEBRUARY 4, 2017                             4:30PM meeting called to order by Dell Jackson

Dell welcomed all who came and issued a public “thank you” to Jim Duncan, S.E.A.
president for giving the chapter space in the vender area that enabled the chapter more
visibility and resulted in signing up 40 new members.
Dell began discussion of his proposal of forming stand alone regional groups within
MVC allowing easier get togethers to share mutual interests and to sponsor support for
various veteran charities. To that end Tom Donoghue spoke about his group in the Fort
Myers area called “Hearts & Homes for Veterans” and to the fact that in 2016 they took
105 homeless veterans off the street and into home living situations.
Contact info: 2710 Del Prado Blvd, Suite 2-161
Cape Coral, FL 33904
After much positive discussion members were told to expect email newsletter in the
future fleshing out details organizing such regional involvement. It was agreed the two
meetings of MVC per year at National Conventions were not enough to advance what
was felt were the goals of the MVC.
Members asked for the publication of a Membership List in Excel, not PDF format to
begin making necessary connections. That, yes, your permanent address may be New
York but winter each year in Florida so would hook up with the “Florida Region”
Interest was shown to form a flag ceremony cadre, complete with “uniform” like
MVC polo shirts and black Docker trousers that would give the MVC a presence at rally
openings. We agreed to work toward offering MVC shirts & caps. We asked for ideas
as to logo design.
Dell, wearing his cap as nominating committee chair, spoke of the needs of volunteers
to serve as officers and to man MVC booths at rallies. Dell also discussed the synergy
between MVC and Elks International Chapter with their veterans activities.
At 5:50PM Dell moved and George Young 2nd motion to adjourn. Next MVC business
meeting to be held at the FMCA National Convention, Chandler, Arizona. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted, George Young, Acting Secretary

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