Thursday, January 15, 2015

The first Air Force one.

   The first Air Force one

> Recently discovered, is an airplane of historical significance that was
> found (2013) languishing in an aircraft facility in Marana, AZ.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Items of Interest

Of interest to those who served during this time.....
Here’s a trailer from a documentary that is supposed to air next year ...40 years after the fall of Saigon.
The documentary is scheduled for release in 2015, the 40th anniversary year of the end of the Vietnam War. For a lot of vets, it’ll be “welcome home” that is long, long, overdue.
Great photo presentation ranking of the world' air forces put together by Israelis. Some of the rankings may surprise you. Interesting, China did not even make the top ten. Note what the USA spends to train each pilot.

Minot Pre-Rally

The deadline to register for the Minot Pre-Rally has passed.  Remember, the campground changed the deadline from July 10 to June 10th.  A ma...