Monday, March 28, 2016

                     Minutes of MVC Business Meeting Thursday, March 17, 2016; 1800 hours

Seminar 1, Miller-Murphy-Howard Building, Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA

Call to Order: The Pledge of Allegiance was said by attendees consisting of twenty-nine members, spouses and guests.

Invocation: was made by Wilma Jean Alexander

National Officers Present: FMCA President Charlie Adcock and INTO AVP David Kessler spoke about the new FMCA recruiting tool….a “door handle handout!” There were several other National officers in attendance.  

 Officer Reports:

 PresidentAs acting Treasurer, the MVC President read the Treasurer’s Report. As of 2/29/2016, there was $1165.30 in Checking, $7986.06 in Savings, for a Total of $9151.36. The MVC President thanked Bill & Elaine Held for representing the MVC at the Western Area Rally in Indio, CA.

 Secretary - Motion was made and carried to dispense with reading the Minutes of the Meeting held in Madison, WI on July 30, 2015.

VP – Gary Wilson - unable to attend.

National Director – Bob Cerney, MVC ND commented on the FMCA Executive Board’s Policy and Procedures.

Alt. NDRich Strait - Absent.

A combined (MVC/Elks/Full Timers) Pre-rally was held at Hoboken, GA. Co-wagonmaster Bob Cerney reported there were only eight coaches in attendance. A good time was had by all in attendance.

New Business:

A MVC Treasurer was duly elected: Edward (Skip) Kazmarek F427585 to replace Jack Hauswirth F410592, who passed away.

An Audit Committee was elected: Mike Neighbours F415508, Shirley Clark F407143 and Bill Dees F354115. The MVC Treasurer will provide spread sheet records by “flash drive” to the committee for an annual report to be given at the MVC Business Meeting at the FMCA Summer Reunion in Springfield, MA. 

Nominating Committee: to be selected at the Summer Business Meeting to select candidates for MVC office, election to be held at the Summer of 2017 MVC Business Meeting.

Future Rallies:
1. Summer 2016 Tri-Chapter Pre-rally is planned by the Elks Chapter. Details to be forthcoming.  

2. MVC President will look into planning a five day Combo (with other Chapters) Lead-in-rally at Pigeon Forge/Gatinburg, Tennessee with shows, etc., sometime in 2017 prior to the Summer FMCA Reunion.

The Meeting was Adjourned.

A Social was catered by the on-site caterer. The food of sandwiches, bean salad, etc, with a choice of beverages was excellent. The Elk’s Chapter paid for the food with the MVC paying for the beverages.


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