Saturday, March 10, 2018

Email Communication

A note from our communications department... for the past few months we have been using a new email service and it has some enhanced features that help us provide better service to our members. Some of the trends that we have noticed show that less than half of our members actually open their email to read them.

This is troubling since email is the fastest way to get word out to our members. Websites are passive and require members to log in or find the site to look at the information posted but email is direct and timely (as far as the internet goes, anyway.) Email is a vital part of our communications strategy and helps us to achieve our mission of "Veterans Helping Veterans."

Please take the time to validate your email address. If you have not received any emails from MVC in the past few weeks, chances are good we have the wrong email address for you.

Do NOT post your email address here as a comment on the blog! We will be posting a place to update your email on our website shortly.

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