Sunday, May 13, 2018


The rally scheduled for the Great Lakes Area (called the Post-GLAMARAMA Rally) has been cancelled due to lack of reservations.

Members, you asked for events and need to support them! This rally has been put together for quite a while and it is a shame to have to cancel at this point. We have received quite a lot of feedback and much of it is requesting new social events and more rallies.

PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CHAPTER and attend a rally near you!

The Events page on the website has been updated. Hope to see you in Gillette!


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    1. Hello fellow FMCA-MVC Members. I did not want to cancel the event yet no one besides my wife and I had registered since it was first advertised in January 2018. It has been consistently advertised on the blog, website, Facebook, RVillage, and through email. Still, no one else signed up. The event was less than a month a way and I had to turn in final numbers to the tour places, caterers, and release unreserved campsites or pay out of pocket to continue to hold them.

      Best regards,
      Rev. Rich "Doc" Strait, USN Retired
      FMCA-MVC Alternate National Director


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